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Kendal Murray

Height: 5"8"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Range: 14-18 years

Contact information:  Phone  915.204.1099 or Email:  agent@colleencler.com or kendalmurray@rocketmail.com


Kendal Murray is a dynamic, multi-faceted and multi-talented entertainer and model. He has experience with runway modeling as well as film, tv, theatrical and musical productions. He is a guitarist for The Glasbox Kids, who epitomize commitment to civic responsibility.  He has uncanny improvisational skills and is a delight to work with. His most recent credits include Nickelodeon's Sam and Cat, NBC's Parenthood, The Goldbergs and New Girl.  Look for him in The Martial Arts Kid, coming to theaters summer 2015.

Kendal began entertaining at the age of five, when he was picked for a part with the traveling Missoula Children’s Theatre.  After several seasons with them, Kendal began to pursue modeling as well.  He has modeled clothing for such names as Harley Davidson and Gap Kids on the runway.  He was selected above many of his contemporaries to participate in the first ever El Paso Fashion Week.  He recently wrapped up production of the familiar favorite “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown!”  Schoolhouse Rock is another of Kendal’s latest castings.  He recently wrapped up a run in a local production of the SeussOdyssey, as well as a production of Secret Garden.  He can currently be seen in 

While performing gives Kendal pleasure, “giving back” gives him more.  Kendal’s training as a Boy Scout has enhanced this God given trait in him.  Kendal has been a champion of civic responsibility since before he could read.  Perhaps that is why it is an innate part of his character.  Kendal works tirelessly with one of the local homeless shelters by taking charge of such initiatives as food and clothing collection, wrapping and donation of Christmas toys for the shelter and even organizing Christmas caroling and photos with Santa for the shelter’s families.  He is heavily involved in goodwill activities of his mother’s Rotary Club, as well as initiatives that benefit Soldiers and veterans.  Organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Relay for Life benefit from Kendal’s service.  Kendal has been awarded the Commander’s Award for Public Service from the United States Army for contributing in excess of 1,000 hours of service to his community, as well as the President's Award for Public Service.  Additionally, his family was selected as the Volunteer Military Family of the year (Fort Bliss, TX) in 2009 in large part to his civic activities.

An aspiring pilot, Kendal realizes just how much lessons can cost and that every child cannot afford them.  That is why he is an avid proponent for the Young Eagle’s Program.  This is a national program that introduces children to aviation and offers free experience and instruction to children who may otherwise not be able to afford this.  He often “recruits” children for  this activity.  Kendal is also keenly aware of the need for education.  He has volunteered for several years to assist Phi Beta Sigma Inc.’s chapter in his area with their annual Scholarship Banquet, as well as their community improvement initiatives.  He was also instrumental in setting up the Erudite Entrepreneur Competition which provides scholarship funds to participants.